La Guinguette Food Garden

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about us

“When we opened FOOD GARDEN, it was to create a place I would want to go to myself and, more importantly, one I would want to go back to again and again. It's an open air food court, with a Restaurant, a Food Trailer and a Tapas Bar. An intimate place where you feel at home. The staff is like a little family. Here, the ingredient has carte blanche. The products we use are what determine the menu, which changes with the seasons. Our ceaselessly evolving cuisine is very instinctive, unstinting and authentic.”

                                                                                                                                      - Rany & Thomas

Our Philosophy

With a menu set by season and our slow cooking in our Smoker, the restaurant's dishes are designed on Anglo-Saxon bases, twisted by inspirations from the international repertoire. Meticulously selected from trusted suppliers, all products, from the simplest to the most noble, are worked in the kitchens of Folk Kitchen with the need for precise cooking and perfect seasoning. Discover, share and above all please, this is what drives us.

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